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Couch Convos Series

Catch up on Couch Convos series for Fashion Revolution Week 

Join Oddish founder Carmen on the couch to find out what goes into making our collection and get to know the brand like you were always best buds.

Episode One: What's in my clothes?

Get to know what's in Oddish garments plus some facts about the state of the fashion industry, answers to what is tencel, where our fabric is sourced & what are earth friendly dyes rolled into a neat little bundle.

Click the image below to watch on Instagram TV.

Couch Convo Episode One


Episode Two: Who makes my clothes?

In this episode Carmen chats about the Oddish manufacturing process, why ethical is more than just a buzz word when it comes to the fashion industry. 

Click the image below to start watching.

Couch convo manufacturing

Episode Three: Who made your jewellery?

In this episode Carmen discusses her jewellery manufacturing process, some interesting nuggets of info about the jewellery industry, plus some behind the scenes pics of Oddish earrings in progress. Start watching by clicking the image below.

Couch convo jewellery

Thanks for tuning in!

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