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Oddish People: Forge Forward

Designer, illustrator, store founder, hair stylist, photographer and appreciator of vintage. Amy Crow is a multifaceted talent that has her foot firmly in the Brisbane arts community. 

We caught up with her on the last week of the Forge Forward ALT LOVE pop-up, in the beating heart of Fortitude Valley. This showcase is the first of many to roll through the doors this year (and we are so thankful to be a part of it).

Forge Forward brings together Amy's brainchildren under the one roof, including Lost Salon (hair studio), Future = Female (her super fun label) and Yung Munny (mentorship). Umm... is there anything she can't do?

Read on as we chat about dream spaces, being a style chameleon and more.

Amy Crow
If your art could be on anything, what would it be?

I love big spaces and big brands, I'd love to be involved with Volcom or Nike. Seeing whole walls occupied with graphics, illustration and type really gives me a sense of "bigger than just me" which would be super cool to be part of. Having said that, I'm not a muralist so by working with a brand to find a solution for that would be cool. I also get off on experience spaces, I think if I could design or be part of an experience space I'd be really stoked.

Is there any other skill that you wish you could add to your repertoire?

I wish I could 3D model - after getting my bust modelled and rendered I was thinking "damn, that is a sick skill to have", also given that I'd like to do more of that it would be a really beneficial skill to have.

Amy CrowDoes your style change or evolve alongside your work?

I feel like a snake that sheds its skin every few weeks. I struggle with consistency and given my background in design - creating for hospitality / events - it's a requirement to change and research and alter and adapt constantly.

There are recurring themes I head back to like the Greek heads and faces, they always seem to show up. Or motives like archways and doors. I like to do what I feel like in the moment without much conscious thought - when I look back I usually notice a stream of subconscious thought there.

Do you have a piece of clothing/jewellery/accessory that you wear everywhere?

Lately I've been really attached to my Radical Yes! Yellow Sneakers, they are so comfortable. I always wear a ring made by Brisbane contemporary silver smith Jess Blak.

Amy CrowDid you always feel like you didn't identify with being one type of artist?

I have always been a generalist and I have always felt some degree of guilt about not being a specialist. Despite the fact I've been a hairdresser for ten years now, and have probably racked up well over the 10,000hrs of "mastery" - according to that theory.

I think I dislike the idea of having to stay in one medium or concept or style - I find it stifling. I always want to try and express something and try to find the best medium / way / canvas / approach to do that. Visually speaking I've got a few analogue styles and a few digital styles and at present I'm more interested in 3D and real life interactive experience work - something I've never done before.

Name 3 loveable weirdos that you'd like to have a cold beverage with.

Bonnie Hislop always. Sarah from Vacant Assembly / Monster Creative. Emily Devers from Third Quarter.

Where to find Amy

Visit the Forge Forward website

Get to Forge Forward at this address and come to the launch of the March ANDROMEDA showcase on Sunday 8th.

Book a Future = Female Customise a Bust workshop

Follow her Instagramssss

See all of Amy's work at her website 


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Amy Crow

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