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Oddish People: Muditā Ceramics

A chat with Bree-Anne Jeffrey.

Potter, teacher, store owner and all round nice person. We've been fortunate to know Bree for some years now and had the pleasure of watching her develop her style and gracefully embrace her inner weirdo.

We chat with her on the week of opening her new venture - Club Creative - in collaboration with Oh Honey Florals. Club Creative is an artisan made, self-care gift shop + curated florist & nursery (which we're also a part of - details on their opening party below). 

Read on as we chat about creativity, odd inspirations and more.

Muditā Ceramics

How does your work reflect you as a creative human?

I think my works reflect my personality. Some are bright with pops of colour and quirkiness and some are more earthy and grounded.

I see alot of my childhood in my ceramic designs. Days at the beach or spent playing in the dirt and mud in the earth pieces, and bright and crazy 90’s cartoons in the colours of the more poppy pieces. Remember the rugrats, and rocko’s modern life? Haha.

What is the oddest thing in your house or studio that inspires you?

The oddest thing in my house is definitely me! I also haven't had a bed base for a while and my yoga mat sits at the end of my bed with a little shrine with my crystals and gems on it.

Muditā Ceramics

Mudita Ceramics

Does what you wear evolve alongside your work?

I have definitely become more mindful about where things are coming from. When you create ceramics from scratch you start to think about what that scratch is, how long it will last and what it does to the environment.

From attending and hosting local markets I have also met lots of sustainable fashion designers who inspire me to wear slow label clothing. It feels nice to wear something you know is made with love for the wearer and the planet.

Do you think that the world is becoming more open minded about accepting and embracing our Oddish side & inner weirdo?

I think society is slowly learning that being your odd self is cooler than being a sheep. I definitely see people embracing their own odd selves more, whether that be about body image, sexual preference or living choices we are learning to be more accepting of our differences. This is a journey that will take time but i think most of us are on the right track.

Muditā Ceramics

What is your version of happiness?

I think I personally am most happy when I am being odd. When I feel free to be my odd self.

I think being happy comes from being authentic and truthful about your inner desires. Happiness is loving yourself with all your little oddities.


Where to find Muditā Ceramics

Visit the Muditā Ceramics website

Follow her Instagram

See Bree's work at Club Creative - and come to the opening night this Saturday 1 February from 6 - 10pm.

Take a pottery class with Bree at Syndicate Creative


All images shot by Holly Warner.

Mudita Ceramics

Mudita Ceramics


Carmen from Oddish

Hey Kerri – thank you so much for your lovely comment. Totally agree, I’m all for reconnecting and looking first to our creative community when in search for something to add to our lives. It makes it that extra bit special when you know where it comes from :) thanks Kerri x

Kerri Watson

Love your work Carmen!! Love wearing clothes made locally with love by local creatives!! Bring back the ‘makers’ amidst us….

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