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Oddish People: Emily McDuff

Now the 2020 fog is making way for some sunshine, what better way to kick into second gear than a chat with Emily McDuff - artist, illustrator and animal lover.

Throughout Emily's work is an undercurrent of strength, grace and emotion that I really admire. Her striking use of colour has always captured my attention and when I found out that she's also on her way to being a vetenarian, I instantly knew we'd hit it off.

After our collab earlier this year I thought we'd touch base for bite sized chat about her new direction amid all of the weirdness, and to gain an insight into how she approaches her work. Read on below.

Emily McDuff

What’s the first step you take before starting a new artwork?

I generally start by doing some sketches until an idea is sparked.

My process is very intuitive, I don't do much planning (which isn't always a good thing!) but I love the feeling of seeing where a piece leads me.

Is your work generated from deep emotion, environmental influences, or something else entirely?

Emotion really drives my work. I'm also really inspired by song lyrics, so I'll often have a phrase or line in mind that describes the feeling I'm trying to capture.

Emily McDuff

What's the most odd thing in your house or studio that inspires you?

I guess the most odd thing about my studio is that it's always moving around. I have a dedicated art room but I find myself working all over the house - on the couch, the coffee table, the dining room table.. I like the change of scenery!

Dream project?

I would love to illustrate a book! 

Emily McDuff

There’s been a lot of weirdness of late. Do you feel it has made an impact on the way you approach your work?

It has, especially at the start of the pandemic - I felt really anxious and unable to distract myself from the daily news which didn't lead to much creativity. It encouraged me to experiment with making different kinds of work.

Over the last few months I've started to experiment with expressive abstract painting which has been fun. It's a process that really relies on being in the moment and responding to the unexpected.

Emily McDuff

Where to find Emily

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