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Journal: Mind Shift

Words from the heart.

After questioning everything lately I'm reminded that there is a need.
A need to share ideas and to contribute a creative voice.

Small businesses are more than just beautiful items or helpful services, they represent a real human that has given their emotions, mind and heart to their cause.

There's a beating heart behind them and that’s something worth supporting.

Coming soon

I'm currently working on a free guide to Unboring Your Laundry. It's full of stunning illustrations from local artist Emily McDuff (aren't these knickers the cutest) plus simple ways to actually feel good about your laundry ritual.

This is something I am really passionate about. After buying a home a few years ago that relies on a septic system, I realised that what we use on our clothes doesn't just wash away. There are better ways to handle your dirties!

I'm finally getting to the tail end of the guide & I'm so excited to share it with you.

Be the first to know about its release by signing up to my mailing list, or if you have any requests for info you'd like to know about I'd love to hear from you.

Oddish Unboring Your Laundry

Making again

I'll also be in the jewellery studio again, after a loooong break from the bench.

I have so many new ideas to translate into metal in the coming months... just not enough hands or daylight hours to execute them all at once :)

From my screen to yours

Among all of the chaos I'm find it therapeutic working with words in peachy tones. Enjoy.



Oddish Freedom Words

Oddish Focus Words

Oddish Uknown WordsOddish Wake Words

Oddish Mind Shift Words

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