Fibre, Fabric & Finishes

Let us introduce you to our eco-warriors.

We're on a journey to do things better. We've chosen these materials as we believe they are the best we could buy as a sustainable Australian small business.

Fabric Origin

We partner with suppliers who have the same ethos at their core – sustainability, minimal environmental impact and fair working conditions throughout their supply chain.

Our hemp and organic cotton fabric is grown and manufactured in the Henan, Shanxi, Gansu and Heilongjiang provinces of China. Some of the organic cotton in our blended fabric originated in Turkey and India.


Meet the chemical-free poster boy.

Hemp is a powerhouse fabric that requires very little water, no pesticides or herbicides during cultivation and is transformed into yarn through the help of natural biological enzymes (a chemical free process). It's got some pretty serious claims to fame when one acre of industrial hemp = as much fibre as 4 acres of trees or 2 acres of cotton.

Hemp fibres are three times stronger than cotton. So even without the psychedelic properties of it's cousin, it's still bad ass in our books.

Black Hemp & Organic CottonGOTS Certified Organic Cotton

If the kids of the plastic-revolution knew what we know now, organic cotton would be the norm not a swanky alternative.

GOTS Certified production means a better quality of life for farmers due to the removal of harmful pesticides & other chemicals during cultivation. Organic cotton farming produces longer-stable cotton fibres which result in a stronger yarn and more durable fabrics.

Organic cotton = longer life garments that you can pass to your grandchildren.


Hemp & TencelTencel™ (Lenzing Lyocell)

Making waves in the textile industry, Tencel was developed in Germany and is one of the first closed loop materials.

It's made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus tree farms with no need for harmful pesticides & minimal water. This new age textile has earned it's bragging rights by recovering & re-using or decomposing all solvents and emissions during it's non-toxic production process.

Tencel's super power is eliminating the dumping of waste by 98%. Pretty cool huh.



Your new garment is armed with a 'top shelf' zipper that originates from Japan.

Other than their renowned Hercules strength (that may be a tiny exaggeration), we think they're pretty special because of their dying process.

YKK zippers are dyed using a unique ECO-DYE® technology that reduces of the amount of water used to almost zero. Not bad at all.


Now you know what we're made of, read some of the other ways we're trying to do things better.