Sustainability is the driver on the big ol’ road trip we are on. 

All stops on our supply chain have sustainability at their core. We’ve got nothing to hide - where we can improve we’ll tell you. When we think we’ve got it right, we’ll leave that up to you to decide.


We make our garments in super small batches from sustainable materials and our jewellery from recycled metal.

Everything is handmade by us and our local seamstresses on the Sunshine Coast, then shipped to you in plastic-free, recycled or compostable packaging.

Small Batch

We like to keeps things tight-knit. Producing super small batches of our designs allows us to work closely with our local seamstresses which results in minimal waste and higher quality garments.

We work closely with our team because positive relationships are infectious, in a good way.


We invest in people, not factories.

Our seamstresses are working from their own homes, in their own time and paid Australian wages.

Our jewellery is handmade by us in our home studio on the Sunshine Coast. We pay ourselves with the occasional coffee to put some perk in our step.

All of our manufacturing is carried out in a 25km radius from our home studio. This means less impact on the environment through large-scale production and large-scale waste. 

Less travel time during manufacturing = less resources being used to create our final product. 

Fibre to Fabric

We partner with suppliers who have the same ethos at their core – sustainability, minimal environmental impact and fair working conditions throughout their supply chain.

Our garments are made with Hemp and Organic Cotton or Tencel™ (Lenzing Lyocell) blends, finished with 100% Organic Cotton thread for all our seams. This is the best we can currently source as an eco-conscious Australian small business, but we're always trying to improve.

Read more about our fibres, fabrics & finishes.

Eco-Friendly Low Impact Dying

Your linen pants might sound sustainable, but have you ever questioned the dying process? Typically the inks and pigments used to dye garments are chemical based and can be highly toxic.

Our fabrics are dyed with Procion low impact, fibre reactive dyes which is a fancy way of saying non-toxic and eco-friendly.

There’s a minute amount of dye and energy required to achieve rich, vibrant colours in comparison to natural and standard dyes which often require toxic mordants. Best of all, any dye that is washed out in the manufacturing process is easily broken down into harmless molecules by microbes in waste water treatment plants and/or soil.

Our fabrics meet the Oeko-tex® Standard 100 which checks for the presence of hazardous chemicals in the dyed fabric, such as carcinogens, azo dyes and other chemical limits in accordance to the European REACH standards.

This means less impact on the earth and your blood stream.


Our packaging is plastic-free and made from compostable plant matter or recycled materials. 

Our jewellery is packaged in upcycled faux suede pouches that were left over from our previous life as an independent jewellery maker. Hence our obsession with spiffy sustainable earrings.

Our goods may not come in shiny packaging, but they do arrive with a little nod from mother nature saying “thanks for thinking of me”.


All orders will be shipped to you via Sendle - Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service and certified B Corporation. They offset the emissions of every parcel that is picked up and delivered by supporting projects within Australia and worldwide which need attention.

One example of this is their support of Myamyn Conservation Australia in Victoria which protect the local ancient forest against further clearing and replant it with natural vegetation. This helps to preserve the habitat of endangered native species such as the scented spider orchid, the powerful owl, and the long-nosed potoroo. 

They're the good guys of the postal industry and we think they are worth supporting.