Custom Threads

Love that piece but wish it was a little different? 

We're lucky to work with a seamstress on the Sunshine Coast, QLD that can customise your garment to fit you like a glove.

How does it work?

You can choose to change fabrics, make simple alternations or have a dress tailored to you. Please note the costs below are in addition to the full price of the garment.

Choose your preferred fabric from the Oddish collection.
We'll then get in touch to discuss the look & fit of the finished garment.
Custom fabric selection | $10

Customise your hem, neckline, sleeve length or add darts to the waist*.
Alterations to garment | $15
*Sometimes these changes can be more complicated & will require a Custom Fitting.

Custom Fitting
Let our seamstress create a custom calico pattern to so your garment will fit you like a second skin.
Custom Fitting | $40 

Let's get started!

Get in touch to discuss your custom Oddish design.

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